Lawn Care Bookkeeper Services



Per Pay Period

  • Email Support
  • Process Emailed Forms
  • Payroll Tax
  • Workers Compensation
  • ESD - Emergency Services District Tax
  • W-2



Per Month

  • Categorized Expenses - 3 x Week
  • Quarterly Balance Statement
  • Quarterly Income Statement

Enabling Business Owners To Know Their Numbers & Do Triage On Their Business

Knowing your numbers is an important gauge of how fast you can grow, how much you should spend on marketing, when to buy equipment, and how many new employees you need. We aren’t just bean counters… we make sure you have the data needed to regain control of your business and take it to the next level with confidence!

I truly believe that many landscapers are overpaying on their income taxes, workers compensation insurance, payroll taxes, and accountant fees simply because their finances are not organized on a daily and quarterly basis. Lawn Care Bookkeeper can solve that problem and save you from paying a CPA $200-300 per hour at the end of the year… or worse yet, thousands of dollars when the IRS comes to audit your business.


Initial Setup Fee

  • Setting up payroll for every employee
  • Setting up chart of accounts
  • Reconciling existing accounts
  • Initial Balance Sheet